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Provide Feedback on Joining Forces Working Structure
If you have been involved in Joining Forces' work or would like to be, please complete this survey to let us know whether and how you'd like to be involved moving forward.

Sorting Out Affordable Housing Community Outreach Efforts 
Everyone in Evanston is talking about affordable housing, and it seems that there are countless surveys and community meetings to gather citizen input. It turns out there aren't actually that many, and we are doing our best to ensure that results are shared and synthesized. See a summary of the efforts underway here.

No Need to Start from Scratch--Affordable Housing Solutions
Our affordable housing challenge is NOT to come up with solutions. Rather, we need to understand what solutions work where and remove the barriers that prevent solutions from being implemented. Here's our compilation of the many solutions that are available--let's move on to real planning. 

Why Isn't More City-Owned Land Going Towards Affordable Housing?
City-owned land is for sale, and affordability has NOT been a big part of the conversation. We would like to know why! Learn more here.

How Big IS the Affordable Housing Problem?

Even though there's tons of data around, it's hard to get a sense of how big the affordable housing problem is in any one place. We tried to get solid numbers just for Evanston. You can check them out here.