Wilmette Setting the Pace

On April 10, the Village of Wilmette voted unanimously to approve Cleland Place, a new, 16-unit affordable apartment building. You can read more about Cleland Place here: Cleland Place Info Flyer.pdf.

The following is the thank you letter that Joining Forces has sent to the Wilmette Village Trustees and Plan Commission members. Thanks as well to all of you who supported Cleland Place--including a great group of Loyola Academy students.

April 20, 2018

Dear members of the Wilmette Village Board and Plan Commission

The members of Joining Forces for Affordable Housing would like to thank you for approving the development of Cleland Place in Wilmette. This is one of the first affordable buildings built in the service area of our membership in several years, and Wilmette is setting a wonderful example for other municipalities who want to address the lack of affordability in our shared communities.

Please know how much we appreciated your thorough analysis, the research you did as individuals to prepare for your respective meetings, and the sensitivity with which you handled the very real concerns of residents—both those who support Cleland Place and those who are opposed. We hope that those who were opposed will eventually recognize the benefit that this building will bring to the community and come to be supporters of further movement towards affordability.

We also appreciate your enthusiasm for looking at multiple ways to increase affordability, which became apparent in the conversations that arose regarding inclusionary housing. We hope to work with you in the coming months to look at additional new ways of creating affordability that will complement what Cleland Place will bring to Wilmette and the broader community.

Affordable housing is a regional issue. Progress that Wilmette makes in this area is a boon to the whole region, not only serving the individuals that will benefit from it, but also standing as a benchmark for other communities to recognize and try to match. Thank you for setting this benchmark and for helping to make our shared north suburban community a more open and livable place.


Sue Loellbach
Manager of Advocacy
Connections for the Homeless
Joining Forces for Affordable Housing

Betty A. Bogg
Executive Director
Connections for the Homeless