Wilmette to Vote on Minimum Wage

The Village of Wilmette is voting on Tuesday, June 26, on whether to "opt in" to Cook County's ordinances to increase the minimum wage and improve sick leave benefits for employees. Read and sign on to our letter to the Board of Trustees here , and please attend the Board meeting (7:00 at the Wilmette Village Hall).

Wilmette Setting the Pace

On April 10, the Village of Wilmette voted unanimously to approve Cleland Place, a new, 16-unit affordable apartment building. You can read more about Cleland Place here: Cleland Place Info Flyer.pdf . The following is the thank you letter that Joining Forces has sent to the Wilmette Village Trustees and Plan Commission members. Thanks as well to all of you...

Hope for Affordable Housing in Wilmette

Hope for Affordable Housing in Wilmette ACTION NEEDED: Come to the Village of Wilmette Board of Trustees meeting on April 10 at 7:30 to speak in favor of Cleland Place! Summary of Commission Meetint--Recommendation to Approve At the Village of Wilmette's Plan Commission meeting on March 7, the Commissioners voted 4 to 1 to approve development of a 16-unit a...